...delivered virtually to the classroom...

How does it work?

  • Vanessa presents the content via short pre recorded videos of each curriculum topic by year level
  • Staff/class teacher facilitates the video content presentations; and uses the notes/tips, Vanessa provides for class discussion/Q&A
  • Staff undergo some basic, simple, supportive training prior to facilitating the sessions
  • Deliver the sessions any time in 2021: stop/pause/start videos at any time (engaging activities - even for the last weeks of the year)
  • Printable pdf activities and resources provided for each topic presentation video

Whole school approach to education:

  • Staff/class teachers are provided with efficient, engaging, yet simple, training and ongoing support to ask questions and get any help as needed
  • Parent session, plus free written resources are included

Year 3&4 Teachers, Nov 2020

"...Live teacher Zoom webinar: Perfect! Interesting and along with the online training, year 3 &4  teachers felt ready to deliver the lessons and junior school staff now feel great about teaching too..."


" ...Lessons: Your manner and language was friendly, informative and engaging. It was like you had come into the classroom to teach us..."


"...Overall, we feel that you’ve put together a very professional, useful and extremely valuable package..."

Primary School Teacher 27th Oct 2020

"...I completed the Sexuality Ed PD last week (and the modules just now) and I just wanted to reach out and let you know how helpful and informative I found them. I really appreciate how you were able to simplify a topic which I have at times found a bit overwhelming or felt unsure of where to begin. The resources are so straightforward and supportive so thank you..."


Respectful Relationships, Human Sexuality & Protective Safety Program

Year 3/4
Topics content: Approx. 120 minutes

  • Naming body parts including genitals
  • We all Grow up 
  • Introduction to Puberty changes; emotional and physical
  • Gender diversity introduced
  • The amazing story of Conception, Pregnancy and Birth
  • Respectful Relationships introduced
  • Protective Safety (Body safety)

Year 5/6 
Topics content: Approx. 180 minutes

  • Naming body parts
  • We all Grow up 
  • Gender diversity introduced
  • Puberty changes; emotional and physical
  • Question Answer Box for next session
  • Puberty Continued - What happens and what you need
  • Conception, Pregnancy and Birth
  • Respectful Relationships and Protective Safety 

Year 6 Extension *** 
Topics content: Approx. 180 minutes

*** Year 6 Extension is for students who have experienced previous Year 5/6 Face to Face Talking The Talk Session with Vanessa

  • Naming Body Parts
  • Gender and Diversity explored
  • What is Puberty
  • Puberty changes; emotional and physical
  • Puberty Continued - What happens and what you need
  • Brief discussion re exposure to internet harm
  • Conception, Pregnancy and Birth, Basic Choices (i.e. mention of condoms and contraception)
  • Basic positive concept of intimacy other than for reproduction
  • Respectful Relationships and Protective Safety 
  • Friendships and Belonging

Take a look inside the Virtual Classroom Platform 

This is what your school will have access to when you sign up to the Talking The Talk Virtual Classroom 


Primary School Principal 22/10/2020

"...This model provides excellent partnership with families, there is a clear sense that there is a family role and teacher role and we are working together ...

The Virtual classroom fits with our philosophy or embedding real life across the curriculum, the focus on capacity building for our teachers, crosses other areas of our curriculum, it also aligns with the respectful relationships curriculum and the way we view things at our school. ...

I loved the Teacher Training Module “This is not about you” (Facts v Values), that really helps with teacher confidence..."

Excellent that parents have access to ongoing resources if they can't make it to the live (via zoom)  presentation.

Primary School Assistant Principal 22/10/2020

"...It’s so great that families are asking when the students are having their Sexuality education sessions - after they attend your parent session they value the fact that we are all working together for the child’s wellbeing...

...We have some teachers who are very excited to have the opportunity to deliver the content..."

2021 Service Fees:

All prices effective 01/01/2021 - 31/12/2021 
and are inclusive of GST


Student Content per class

Yr 3/4: $280 (usually $450)
Yr 5/6: $410 (usually $680)


*Online Teacher Education Course 

$310 (usually $350)

*Live (via zoom) Teacher Education Presentation 

$955 (usually $1,050)

Resources Tub:

(once only purchase, ever) $320

reading books, puberty activity bags, protective safety pack (can be used for Foundation - Yr6) all ready to use in a convenient tub 

*Compulsory for those teachers who will be delivering the sessions

Live (via zoom) Parent session

$955 (usually $1,050)

An example video of Vanessa Presenting the 5/6 Sexuality Education content

Did you notice the inclusive language?

Learn more

FREE in 2021!!!

Private Facebook group community for teachers, with direct access to Vanessa and TTT support staff : Invaluable

Prerecorded parent session free access: Usually $22 each, value $4,400 per 100 families

PDF Guide book for parents: Usually $14 each, value $1,400 per 100 families



Respectful Relationships, Human Sexuality & Protective Safety Program

How your school could easily get started today! ...

  • Everything teachers need, including the videos, sit on a platform accessed via log in. 
  • Every teacher and parent gets their own individual log in,  to  access relevant content pages
  • Leadership team arranges a group (approx. 2 - 6 people) of interested and willing staff to be your school's  'Sexuality Education Champions' (SECs):
    • SECs  will ideally opt in/self select, as SECs and already have some basic pre existing training, knowledge and comfort around the topic and delivery of Sexuality Education
    • SECs must  undertake 40-60 minutes self directed online teacher education course as a prerequisite - accessible via log in, in their own time
    • SECs must attend a live 60 minute (via zoom) language, content  and confidence training with Vanessa
    • SECs will then facilitate the class content delivery at anytime in 2021 as decided by your staff group
    • Our focus is on capacity building so all staff have access to the online course and live presentation even if they are not a SEC (no extra fee)
  • Engage Parents
    • notify of date of delivery of sessions via parent letter (examples are  provided)
    • encourage attendance at live parent session
    • provide free PDF E-book resource
    • provide free recorded video presentation 

To book access to this service:


  1. [email protected]
  2. Number of classes for each year level
  3. Approx. numbers of students in each class
  4. Estimated number of SECs
  5. Preferred teacher and parent session (live via zoom) date
  6. Rough estimate of dates of delivery


School will then be sent:

  • An invoice payable immediately
  • When payment received log in access to all resources will be provided immediately
  • Payment is yearly
  • Access is granted  from date payment is received  until 31/12/2021 - it is recommended that schools purchase  as early in the year as possible to get the most benefit.